Beachee Clean LLC
Residential and Commercial Cleaning Company

"We Free Up Time for you"
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Commercial Services

  • Vacuum all floors and carpeting
  • Wash floors with appropriate chemicals
  • Dust all furnishings
  • Clean window sills
  • Wipe down baseboards
  • Dust blinds
  • Empty waste baskets & replace with customer  supplied bags
  • Clean and Disinfect all bathrooms & kitchens
  • Wipe down all appliances
  • Inside window cleaning(additional charge)
  • Evening & Weekend hours available
  • Inside windows(additional charge)
   For an additional fee we will also by request replenish toilet paper,
   paper towels, hand soap and garbage bags

 Payment Policies

1. We prefer payment at the time of service.
    Please leave check or cash and our crew leader
    will deliver it to our office. We will leave a receipt for your records. 

    Checks are to be made out to Beachee Clean LLC
    Note: There will be a $35 fee on all returned checks
    We also accept most major credit cards and payment
    through Paypal. We charge a 2% processing fee for all
    Credit Card and Paypal transactions.

2.  If we cannot access your office/home at time of service
     due to no fault of ours you will be charged a lock out fee
     of $35.00

3.  You can switch your cleaning date and time, but we ask
     for at least a 24hr courtesy call. Less then 24 hr notice
     is subject to a $35 cancellation fee.

All fees are subject to 7% NJ sales tax

Any other questions on Payment Policies do not hesitate to contact us


 Frequent Questions

1.  How will you get into my home or office
     Generally customers give us a key to their home or office.
     Your key will be protected with a special marking(no address or name
      is used and is kept in our safe when not in use).

2.  Do I need to supply cleaning products?
     Only if you prefer a certain product that we don't carry. We also will
     use Green products by request. If you prefer we use your product we
     simply ask that you leave the products in a visible are and you inform
     us within 24hrs before your scheduled cleaning. You are responsible
     for supplying all garbage bags, toilet paper and paper towels. For an
     additional charge we can supply these items.

3.  Pets
Pets are not an issue. We just ask that you secure dogs during our visits.

4.  What don't we do
We do not climb higher than a step stool(unless we are cleaning
      indoor/outdoor residential windows), move furniture, take care of plants,
      pick up clutter, wash dishers, work on the outside of your home or building,
      prepare meals, do laundry or provide pet or child-related services. We Will
      do our best to dust around cluttered areas, but cannot guarantee the area
      will be completely dust free. We ask that you de-clutter as best possible
      prior to our arrival.

5.  Do I have to sign a contract for services?
No. You may cancel your services at anytime and we also reserve the right
     to cancel your services at any time.

6.  What if I want to cancel a scheduled service?
No problem. We just ask for 24hr notice. Any cancellation less than 24 
     hours before the schedule cleaning is subject to a $35 cancellation fee.

7.  Will the price always be the same:
Your price stays locked in for one year. After a year we re-evaluate on a
     client by client basis, to consider cost of living adjustments.

8. Why does the first cleaning cost more?
    Our initial visit is a "deep cleaning" of your home or office.  Deep cleaning
    takes normally two to four times longer than our standard cleaning.

9.  Holidays
We are closed on all major holidays and from December 24 through to January 1. 
      If your regular cleaning falls on a holiday we will contact you to set up a new
      cleaning date as close as possible to your original date.   

Our Guarantee
We thrive on customer satisfaction. If you aren't
satisfied with a certain area after a scheduled cleaning we
just simply ask that you contact us within 24hrs after
the scheduled cleaning service. We will come back at no
charge and go back over the area you weren't
satisfied with. (*Certain Exclusions to this guarantee do apply*)  

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